What is Hormone Yoga Therapy?

Hormone Yoga Therapy for women (HYT) is a 30-minute series of dynamic exercises that activates the endocrine glands and balances the hormone levels in women. This method helps the body correct hormonal imbalance and its symptoms, like symptoms of menopause, in a natural way. It does so thanks to the combination of yoga postures, breathing techniques and energy work. HYT unites the ancient tradition of yoga with scientific facts on human physiology and several studies.

Dinah and the origins of HYT

Dinah Rodrigues is a Brazilian lady in her 90s who has been practicing yoga for decades. She started creating this therapy after a visit at a gynaecologist. Back then she was already more than 60 and the doctor could not believe how healthy and full of vitality she was. That is how Dinah started studying the female endocrine system and later came up with a series of exercises to help women with their hormonal problems.

Who is it for?

Although HYT was originally created for women with symptoms of menopause, Dinah soon found out that hormone yoga benefits women of any age who suffer from hormonal imbalance, teenagers included. HYT is recommended to all women over 35, which is generally the period when the hormone production starts to decline. It is a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy and women can learn it without any previous knowledge and experience in yoga.

Positive effects of HYT

Practising hormone yoga benefits women’s health and vitality in general, increases body flexibility, detoxifies the organism, strengthens immunity and the pelvic floor and has a rejuvenating and beautifying effect. It also serves as a prevention of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.


HYT also helps to decrease the intensity or eliminate completely the following:


HYT is not practiced during pregnancy. Cases where exercise omissions, modifications or doctor's approval may be required: